mAm 2019 is organised by Micronarc, in collaboration with Mancef.

Organising Committee


About Micronarc

Micronarc is the dedicated micro-nanotech cluster and communication platform created by the governments of the seven cantons that constitute Western Switzerland. Its primarily role is the development and promotion of the regional scientific, industrial and economic base in the sectors of micro and nanotechnology, as well as its educational structures, R&D facilities, technology transfer and inward investment.

To achieve its objectives, Micronarc manages and operates its internet portal, organises grouped booths at industry trade shows and scientific conferences; organises professional and public events locally; provides information and networking possibilities and acts as a facilitator in establishing business relations.

Micronarc is an initiative of the cantons of Bern, Fribourg, Vaud, Valais, Neuchâtel, Geneva, Jura and supported by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO).



About the FSRM

FSRM – Crossroads of Microtechnology

The FSRM promotes micro technology and its applications with offers in continous education, project management and organization. The FSRM is the Executive Secretary for Micronarc.

About Mancef

Mission Statement: MANCEF connects a global community focused on commercializing micro and nanotechnologies through conferences and educational efforts.

MANCEF’s Objectives: To Connect and To Commercialize with Our Community

  • Connect: Produce international conferences, trade shows, educational training sessions, seminars and internet-based forums focused on Micro and Nanotechnology, and technologies enabled by the effects of miniature scale, including commercial and educational opportunities utilizing such technology.
  • Commercialize: To provide a forum for a network of professionals to exchange information in a timely manner to help accelerate the acceptance and commercialization of micro-nano technologies.
  • Community: We connect people from all areas of the value chain; including government, industry, and academia; to help them generate and grow business based on micro-nano technologies.

The annual flagship event of Mancef is COMS (Commercialisation of Microsystems). In addtion to the COMS Conference, now being shared across the three regions of Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific, Mancef has responded to requests for greater regional presence through the introduction of new MANCEF conferences known as COMET (Commercialization of Emerging Technologies). These micro- conferences are designed with the appropriate the needs and interests of individual regions.

mAm is organized as a COMET conference.